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Nautilus cup

Nautilus Pitcher. Three dolphins form the cup's stem with bands winding around the shell and covering its rim. 1570. Pearls, rubies, and turquoise, mounted with gilt silver Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti), Florence.
Nautilus cup. 1592. Silver gilt, nautilus shell, glass and enamel, height 27 cm, diameter 10 cm. Gemeente Musea, Delft. This Nautilus cup example from Delft was made by an immigrant artist, possibly by Nicolaes de Grebber (master in Delft in 1574, died in Delft in 1613).

A late 16thearly 17th century Dutch silver-gilt mounted turban shell nautilus cup and associated cover Jansz van Vianen

Nautilus cup. Nikolaus Schmidt (c. 1550/55-1609)

This nautilus cup (one of two in the Royal Collection) was purchased by George IV from Rundell Bridge & Rundell in December 1826

Nautilus Cup.Michael Mader (czynny 1598-1632)
I present my latest work The Nautilus Cup.Inspired from an image I saw on the web.I liked the idea of carving away the outer shell to reveal the mother of pearl beneath.
Nautilus Ewer. 1590. Pearls, rubies, and turquoise, mounted with gilt silver, height 30 cm.An S-shaped winged dragon with a snake coiled around its neck, about to strike against a horse's head just below the vessel's rim, forms the finely chiseled spout of the ewer. The unknown artist was clearly a highly gifted craftsman. Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti), Florence
The Burghley Nef. Was placed in the centre of table, contained either napkins and eating utensils or salt. (The origin of the name "nef" is the French word for "ship".) 1528. Silver. Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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